Welcome to our tour of Eastern Europe!

Please join us on the Manhattan Beach Community Church choir journey from June 27 through July 12.  I will be updating this site from time to time under the tutelage of Mark Looper, who is currently in Hawaii and unable to accompany us on this tour.  You may communicate with choir members through me (Judy Hatlie) and I will direct your messages to them.  PLEASE do not send pictures, forwards, jokes, etc.  We won’t have time or space to accommodate them.  And, keep your dialogue short and sweet.  Thank you!

Notes of Interest: things one may want to inquire about

    Jo Emerson suffered a wardrobe malfunction on the plane ride.

    George and Nancy Jackson made quick friends and coerced them to come to the first concert.

    Alan Duncan took full responsibility and hailed a cab when he thought he'd missed the bus.

    How many cell phones does Steve Campbell need?

    What does “traditional Saxon food” mean to Delpha?

    What was Lyn’s  response to Johan regarding the “Ms.” or “Mrs.” title?

    Just what IS that around Pam Kuch’s neck?

    Caroline’s travails, one day on the subway in Prague.  Ask her about the gallantry of a man regarding her wallet and the apparent “loss” of pal Margie.

    Terri and the iceberg saga ...

How to find things on this website (note from Mark)

At the top of each page are links to this Home page, the Itinerary page (with hotel contact information), and the Journal (blog) that Judy will be posting as the group travels.   The Journal link takes you to a listing of her “postcards,” latest ones first.  Since all the new ones for a given day may not fit on the Journal top page (only the most recent five show up there), I’ll link to the first in each day’s batch from the Itinerary entry for that day, and you can view the rest using the next and previous links on each page.  (By the way, the journals for the 1999, 2002, and 2005 tours are still online.)

MBCC Senior Choir 2008 Tour